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Certified career coach, facilitator, & services provider that specializes in talent development with a keep-it-real mindset & approach. I aim to help you reach your goals in a the fastest, most efficient, and engaging way possible. I'll be the most fun you've had during your career journey. Book some time or a fun workshop now!

My Mission

I subscribe to a (com)passionate, solutions-focused, & strategy-driven methodology.

Career changes can be overwhelming and isolating and I will be your experienced guide & friend during this job journey.


I aim to help you keep it real during your job search and empower you to achieve career success and satisfaction.

My Vision

I live to help my people (re)define themselves during the job search.

I believe professional actualization and self value are rooted in professional identity and representation. 

I will teach you & provide the tools necessary to build and create a career identity that shows your best you.

Core Values​


You landing the right role is my priority and every one of our conversations will focus on the most effective way for you to achieve your career goals.



I will teach you to lead and succeed in your job search. Your commitment to learning & applying proven strategies will help empower you to successfully navigate & ace future career changes, choices,  and opportunities.



You will love working with me as not only am I knowledgeable but I am also fun & engaging. I will be your constant cheerleader and remind you that you can do it and that you're worth it!




2022 - NKP Coaching

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