Uncertain of the amount of time you want to book with a career coach? The list below will give you a good estimate of the amount of time needed to accomplish most job seeking upgrades and activities.


Your particular situation may be different and if you're a new job seeker, someone recently displaced, or transitioning fields, you may need additional time. In these instances, job search needs will likely be more intensive as there are more factors involved in refining and ramping up your professional career collateral.

When considering the time needed for your particular situation, factor in the time you have to invest in job search activities in and out of sessions. An awareness of your bandwidth will also inform you how much in-person 1:1 time will best serve you.

30 Min Activities

- Simple resume review

- Simple LinkedIn review

- Cover letter proofread

- Resume Formatting

- Targeting LinkedIn

- Understanding branding

- Understanding interviews

- Basic mock interview 

1/hr Activities

- Advance resume review

- Advance LinkedIn review

- Cover letter development

- Resume tailoring

- Have-to-haves review

- Basics of negotiation

- Interview best practices

- Advanced mock interviews

2-4/hr Activities

- Resume content building

- Tailor to master resume

- Major LinkedIn overhaul

- Building brand statements

- Aligning have-to-haves

- Job search strategy

- Interview content building

- Resume tailoring practice

4/hr+ Activities

- Resume from scratch

- LinkedIn from scratch

- Master resume drafting

- New job search plan

- Networking strategy

- Explore/transition careers

- Brand new job seeker

- Displaced worker ramp up

Not sure about your situation? Reach out and let's talk about your career trajectory!