I grew up in a small town outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Growing up in a rural, working-class area taught me the importance of being a solutions-driven, strategy-focused coach with a love of education. Those in the midst of a job search need to see results—fast, and that is what I set out to do.

I have 8 years of coaching, training, and teaching experience. I've applied my career development and training experience in workforce centers, higher education facilities, and with new & experienced job seekers, tech talent, experienced educators, & those transitioning careers, occupations, & industries. I am strategic in my coaching and instructional approaches and I focus on driving results & achieving success through effective coaching and education. I appreciate that every person has a unique story and I honour clients' experiences with an invested and (com)passionate approach to my coaching and teaching. 

My experience in the formal world of instructional design has provided me the tools and experience that I use to successfully develop and empower my clients & students. Building effective coaching and learning experiences is one of the driving forces in my career. I love strategizing with, and learning from, subject matter experts of all areas and occupations so I can build meaningful learning experiences that meet and exceed expectations and goals.

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Nicole Palidwor

I'm the coach & educator who will keep it real with you. We will focus on strategies, success metrics, and action plans that will get you the results you want and deserve. We will teach you the tools you need to know to succeed in your professional journey. I'm constantly reading up on the most recent career content & training and am constantly building an extensive portfolio of tools that will elevate you in your job search journey. 


To maximize the value of your investment, you'll apply what you have learned outside of trainings and sessions. I am going to teach you to lead and succeed in your job search. I promise you this process is worthwhile. Our sessions will feel help you feel empowered & energized as you start or restart your job search.

In my spare time, you can find me with my roller derby crew, partner, friends, and cats, Karl & Caterina. I also dabble in tarot, crafting, and love to write, laugh, and learn. There's rarely a dull moment in my life and I look forward to being apart of yours.