My approach to instructional design is to always be of most service to the learners I am working with. I aim to making webinars, trainings, and workshops that reflect the most important goals and needs of learners. As a result, my instructional design projects have ranged in nature across my professions and have chosen to showcase my work on career coaching and counseling secondary students.

The onset of COVID-19 has changed the way we work and learn. With such a quick transition to online learning, educators were unprepared to take on this new virtual teaching world. Looking to support career coaches, counselors, and workforce specialists, this workshop was designed to help career specialists with their daily coaching and counseling by providing tools, resources, and activities that engage educators and then their students and clients.


At the end of the workshop, educators will have an increased sense of confidence in guiding an online career counseling experience. You can directly interact with my training on Curating, Creating, & Applying Career Development Content in an Online Environment here. I have broken up the content of my training into visuals and examples for easier review. You can access each area via the buttons below.