The key to an effective learning experience is developing strong objectives with relevant assessments. Within the workshop, I prioritized objects related to desired performance upon training completion. The objectives I chose enabled learners to effectively use and apply the skills taught within the training. The expected outcome of the learning experience was that educators would feel they had the steps and skills to lead an effective online counseling experience.

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Objectives & Assessments


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Figure 1 - Assessments Blueprint

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Figure 2a - Mid-Way Assessment Format

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Figure 2b - Mid-Way Assessment Format

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Figure 3a - Final Assessment Format

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Figure 3b - Final Assessment Format

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Figure 4 - Multiple Choice Assessment Example

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Figure 5 - Scenario Assessment Example

A student is confident in their strengths but is unsure of how they can capitalize on them in the professional world. They are flexible in interests but find that they don’t really enjoy the thought of working in the trades or doing something related to engineering. However, they do find physical science interesting as a whole. They are currently a junior, but they will need to identify school options within the next 4 months.  How would you help this student identify possible roles for them? Give a walk-through of the steps you’d take to help this student find the correct path for them.