Within this career counseling workshop, I focused on developing content related to succeeding in an online learning environment using available career resources and assessments. I also focus on creating and developing an online classroom and how to provide meaningful feedback via a variety of methods and tools.

The primary focus of this workshop was to explain and elaborate on important concepts in online instruction. The intention of the workshop is that participants understand and apply these important concepts and resources across many facets of an online career counseling environment. The rationale for these foci is that career counselors need to know and access some of the most readily available resources when helping a large population of students in time-limited situations.

Working with secondary-level educators, the objective of this workshop was to ensure career counselors felt they had adequate resources and tools to create engaging assignments in an online environment. Ideally, activities that encourage and empower students to complete meaningful career exploration in an asynchronous environment.

To host this training in an accessible manner, it was created and hosted via Articulate Rise’s software, which is an online instructional design tool for creating trainings and workshops. This platform was selected due to the high quality means of organizing information and lesson plans and the ample, built-in engagement features offered via a variety of interactive activities and features.

Curating, Creating, & Applying Career Development Content
in an Online Environment 

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Workshop Objectives & Development Steps


After completing workshop 101, when given information on appropriate assessments and resources, the participants will be able to design instructional activities using appropriate technology and tools that support learning acquisition in career exploration and correctly identify core tools and principles with 80% accuracy.


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Figure 1 - Information Processing Steps Flowchart

Figure 2 - Information Processing Prerequisites Flowchart

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